Eddie and Jaithan Visit the Skirted Roundtable!



Oh my.   We are probably the luckiest three girls in the world!   Who wouldn’t want Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kochar to visit them?  Eddie – known for his close association with Martha Stewart and Jaithan, fresh from Stanford AND The Rhode Island School of Design (!) are the two hottest bloggers ever to hit the scene.  Do NOT miss this one!    The two guys tell us how they met and where they are going (to the moon, Alice!)   A better time probably could not be had – the two guys kept us entertained and on the edge of our seats.  To listen - please go to the Skirted Roundtable HERE.




AND, don’t forget, tomorrow is the last day to enter Cote de Texas’ second birthday celebration giveaway.  Go HERE to sign up.

Help Celebrate Cote de Texas’ Second Birthday With A Giveaway!




Yep – that’s her!    That’s the chic and oh-so-very cool Cote de Texas grabbing her Tinkerbell bath products gift at her 4th birthday – Nov. 20, 1958!  Forgive the 4th birthday – there are no pictures from my second birthday party.     Now just look at me.   That’s true excitement in that face!   Not much has changed either.  I still get that excited over gifts and bath products – except Tinkerbell has lost some of its charm through the years.   OK – for any one who doesn’t believe me when I say my nicknames growing up were Frizzball, Bozo, Zulu, et al – here’s proof!   Guests shown at my party are my late, sweet Aunt Mary helping with the gifts and her daughter, my beautiful cousin Josette, sitting right next to me, all prim and proper in her party dress with her red hair in a pony tail.   She looks a little jealous of my Tinkerbell gift though, doesn’t she?   Her older sister Sandy, in a striped shirt,  is behind her with something that looks like a pompadour – not sure WHAT is going on with HER hair!   Next to Josette is the girl whom I owe my present day legally-blind status to.  Lisa.  She truly was near-sighted and wore thick glasses which I badly envied – so much so, that I am convinced I faked my first eye examination just to get some glasses.  I do remember pretending I couldn’t see the blackboard in school and walking right up to it to peer at it (my first acting job) – just so I could get those beautiful horned rims.   Remember, this was eons before designer glasses.    There’s someone in front of me wearing a Go Texan hat.  Why?  I have no idea.  It’s probably my little cousin Joey.  


imageI know that look well.  Impatiently waiting to get through the cake ceremony so I can open my gifts.  That hair!!!!!   You’d think someone would have brushed that brillo pad on my birthday!    My poor Aunt Mary was really working it hard that day.


We were known as the Three J’s – Josette, Joni, and Joey – all named after our grandfather Joseph.  We used to really think “The Three Js” was a big deal and even today, we still proudly refer to ourselves as that.   Brainwash a child long enough and they start to believe you.     I remember this birthday party –  and I truly remember that gift!   Obviously it’s because there’s this photograph of it:  I surely don’t remember another single gift from that party.    I do vividly remember that dress I was wearing – probably because I wore it for all fancy occasions and there are a lot of pictures of me in it.   My party was at Kiddie Playland – on Westheimer, right past where the Galleria stands today, for all you baby boomers from Houston.  Remember that little roller coaster?   And the helicopter ride?   Uh, you really don’t care about any of this – you just want to know about the giveaway!  Admit it!    Just hang on, ok?    I’m going to drag this out a little.   It wouldn’t be Cote de Texas if it was short and sweet, now would it?


scan0003  Aw, happiness!  Another great “girly” gift!   Finally – my mother, her arm at least, on the left.  And Josette is behind me trying to maneuver her way in to see the latest present.  



May 28 was really Cote de Texas’ second birthday –  I’m a little late by a month with this celebration.  I had all good intentions of doing a give away on the proper date, but, I got bogged down by other stories – like “Battle of the Sexes” – that very important tale of Ben’s new fan.   So when the nice people at  CSN Lighting approached me about a giveaway – I thought it would be the perfect way to celebrate the day my life changed forever when I wrote my fabulous – I mean fabulous -  first post, which I repeat here now, for you to read.  Now, brace yourself if you have never read my first post.  It’s a killer.  Truly - Terry Sapienza from The Washington Post really missed out when she didn’t nominate my first post for the “Best Blog of the Week.”  OK – are you ready to be blown away by pure genius?  Maybe you should sit down.  You are about to read such words of wisdom, that people immediately flocked to Cote de Texas for more!  More!  They cried – give us MORE!   ok, ready?  




Where are the grammar police when you REALLY need them?  God, that was awful.  And I love how proudly I state my mission, yet I haven’t lived up to it at all!   France, France, France.  That really went by the wayside quickly.     And notice too how I’m begging for comments on my first post  – how arrogant!  It actually took a full 7 months to get my first comment on it.  And look how my sweet friend, Things That Inspire, was obviously looking for a good laugh a few months ago when she read my first post.  Hopefully, like fine wine, or a French antique, Cote de Texas has gotten better with age.  It certainly couldn’t get any worse.   What a stinker!

OK, OK.  On to the giveaway!      As  a HUGE thank you to all the readers who have supported me the past two years – CSN Lighting is offering my readers a fabulous giveaway.   You just go to their web site and pick ANYTHING you want that is $100 and under, then come back here and tell me what you picked in a comment.   If you win, it’s yours!    AND, I’ve got a second place prize too – from Kenneth Turner.    You have until Wednesday, so get busy.  The link to the web site is at the bottom of this post.  

But first – let me show you are few things that I picked out from the web site that I would want myself, if I won, that is.   CSN Lighting has thousands, I mean thousands of items and I spent hours picking out these things.  They also have a wonderful search engine – you can put in a specific item you want AND then on the left side – choose the price you want to spend – it makes it a little easier to navigate through their immense inventory.   But, I do encourage you to take a look around at all price points.  If you are in the market for a light fixture or a home decor item – this is the place to find it.  There are a lot of items on sale too.  

Below are the things that caught my eye.    And truthfully, I couldn’t look at every item, after about five hours, I had to stop and write the story!!!!! 




Laurie Smith designed a lighting line for Quoizell – this sconce comes from in at $99!   I think it is really great looking to use down a hallway – or as a pair over a console.  The price is phenomenal.   It comes in three finishes too.  Love, love, love this!  CSN also carries Martha Stewart’s FABULOUS line  – be sure to search under her name too.  Some of her items come awfully close to $100.




Kichler makes a great outdoor line – but I would use this inside, in a kitchen or a laundry room - I love this fixture!  Search under Kichler Outdoors to see the entire line.



I really think this set of mirrors is great – you could hang them flanking an armoire or a breakfront or on both sides of a bed behind the nightstands!  I also think they would look great hanging from bookcases on either side of a fireplace.  #PPI2733




 I really like this vanity mirror – how pretty would this be in a powder room, or in a master bedroom on a desk!  Love this!!!! #0fn1248




I thought the shade was so pretty with this aquamarine lamp – what a perfect accent lamp for an entry console, or between two chairs.   Doesn’t it look much more than what it costs?  #JCO-X3353




So cute!  There are hundreds of storage units under $100 – I just liked this particular one a lot.   #WN1243




There are many different hanging shelves for the bathroom or a laundry room or a kitchen.   #EHF1137




Perfect for a million reasons – one being that it’s so cute!   Load it with rolled up white towels for the bathroom or powder room.  #BAM1097



This one reminded me of Layla from The Lettered Cottage for some reason!  #HF2572




I would put this in a living room between two French bergeres.   #OFN1246



Oh wait – I already did!!!



I’ve been dying for a clock like this!   #UH1397



Or this!   #UH1335



k                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 image

Or this one – love the pendulum.    #HW1118



There’s more art work than you can even imagine!  I’m a sucker for a vase of pink roses.  Or peonies. Or hydrangeas!   #WRV1085



 image  Pretty turquoise lamp, great detailing and great shade!   #CBK1648




A couple of these candlesticks would be so nice on a coffee table or console – 26” tall!    They come in white too.   ASH1047




This model reminds me of Brooke from Velvet and Linen.   #AMD1241




This looks like an antique oxblood vase to me – beautiful!   #FG1063




Think you can’t afford Wedgewood?  Think again – there are many Wedgewood pieces at CSN for great prices!   I particularly liked this one.  I think Wedgewood blue looks so beautiful massed together in a breakfront.  #WED2164.



image It is really a pot rack – but I would get rid of my upper cabinets and store my dishes on this!   #O21042


image And I’d put my pots, here!   #RR1026


   image Brushed nickel!   #PG7064




Lots of rugs – all sizes, shapes and styles.  This black and white striped one would look cute in a kitchen or in front of a sofa.  #CV1849



This pendant light comes in different colors – I am drawn to the red for some reason.  I would use this over a kitchen sink, or put a couple over an island.  Darling!   #GX2616.



Lanterns – they have lanterns, for indoors and out!   #GX2309.




Great pendant!   Wouldn’t these be wonderful over a bathroom vanity?   #PG3105.



image  Sweetness personified.  Love, love, love!   #MXL2438



Yes, this IS under $100 – as is everything that I have shown!!!!  #GX2292



I just love these industrial type of pendants.   So much better than the art glass pendants you see all over the place!  #IT2688



This floor lamp would be great between two cozy armchairs.    #GCH1164



And, saving the best for last, these buffet lamps are two for under $100.  Yes, you heard that right!  Two!   The shades are adorable!   Search under “lamp sets” to see all the pairs.   #LO3086


Now that I’ve shown you what I would get if I won – it’s your turn to pick out what you would want.  After you find something you like with a value of $100 or less on the CSN website, leave me a comment telling me what you’ve chosen.  And don’t fret- if you win and you change your mind about what you want, it’s fine, ok?  We’ll let you do that.   And, don’t forget – you get two chances to win - there will be a second place winner, too.    One winner for each birthdays year!

Finally, I want to thank each and every one of you for all the support, friendship and LOVE you’ve shown me these past two years!    I am in constant awe of your generosity of spirit and know in my heart that if it weren’t for you – I’m not even sure there would still be a Cote de Texas.   Just knowing you are out there reading the blog gives me a reason each day to sit down at the computer and try to write something that will interest you and entertain you.  Without your loyalty, it wouldn’t be nearly as meaningful or fun.     And I want to give a special thanks to ALL the Cote de Texas “stalkers” out there – you know who you are.   You really went that extra mile and I’ll never forget that. 


***To enter the contest, go to the CSN Lighting web site, by clicking here:  CEILING LIGHTS.   GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

Mi habitación de costura en progreso. Cap.4

Esta vez le tocó a la vitrina donde guardo aquellas cosas que tienen más importancia para mí o que por no estar expuestas al polvo están bien guardaditas....pero a la vista.
El trabajo lo dediqué especialmente a forrar todo  la trasera con el mismo papel que utilicé en parte de la pared.
Luego rematar  todos los bordes con una puntilla blanca de algodón.

Este era el caos del que partía una vez que tuve que " almacenar " parte de las cosas antes de empezar a pintar.....
El cúmulo de cosas durante estos años pasados hacía necesaria una limpieza que diera " algo de luz " a este rincón.

Y después de estar un par de tarde este es el resultado........

Cerrado ............


Balda superior con los libros  de bordado  y punto de cruz ...

La segunda con los  bolsitos bordados más pequeños y algunas de las muñecas de porcelana...

La siguiente  con  los detalles de colección y algún bordado más......

Ahora en tonos marrones...

 La última con las cajas y lo  que ocupa más volumen....

Creo que el aspecto saneado  y el  fondo nuevo hacen que se luzcan más todas las cosas  ¿ no os parece ?

....Por cierto ¿ hay alguna de las estanterías que te parece que ha quedado mejor acabada ? Me gustaría saber tu opinión. 

A la vuelta de vacaciones os cuento cómo ha quedado definitivamente.

¡¡¡¡¡Mil gracias Eva !!!!

El mundo está lleno de gente generosa, lo sé. Una de ellas es Eva. No nos hemos visto nunca pero ya nos conocemos.
Os he hablado de Eva en otra ocasión, también con otra sorpresa que me envió.
Hace ya unas semanas que llegó un paquete a mi casa. ¡ Qué puedo decir ...! Quedé sorprendida. Rescató un precioso bastidor antiguo en un mercadillo y allá que pensó en regalármelo.

Es algo especial porque es de los que tenían una cajita para guardar los hilos. Seguramente más de una ha tenido uno similar.

En el interior de la cajita   que ha forrado , ha incluido un  bordado con mis iniciales   hecho 1 /1.
Es la primera vez que forra una cajita y creo que le ha quedado estupenda.  El tono de las telas con el color de la madera queda precioso ¡ a mí me encanta !

Eva también añadió este paño   que encontró rebuscando entre otras cosas    y  que tengo    ya  colocado en la vitrina con el  resto de cosas , en mi habitación de costura.

Para mí tiene mucho mérito y por eso se lo agradezco desde aquí públicamente. Compartir con quien   aprecia este tipo de cosas es importante..... y más si se hace así .... desinteresadamente y porque sabes que vas a hacer feliz a otra persona.
¡¡¡¡ Un beso fuerte Eva !!!!!