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Adellia Rasya name is still alien in the apple of Indonesian cinema, but if you biking frequently acclimated by airline Lion Air, you apparently apperceive the abstracts are archetypal of accustomed fathers in Bandung. Yes, afore coast into the ball world, a woman built-in in Bandung, February 2, 1988 This is a flight attendant.

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Started back she accelerating from aerial school, she was recommended by her mother to appear a aide in Jakarta. "Yes I am demography a advance aide for three months in Jakarta, were additionally actuality beatific out at my mama," Adel's story. Adel did not feel adequate with the advancement that his parents, but as a binding son he obeyed his parents' request.

'After the advance I aloof accomplished alive on the Lion Air flight attendant, "said Adel. Flight afterwards flight dilakoni Adel, until assuredly she does not feel "at home" become a stewardess. "To be honest I still feel bored, I concluded up accomplishing aloof that profession for a year," Adel's story.