Photography by Daniel Bernauer

Daniel Bernauer

Daniel Bernauer was born a photographer, but he didn’t discover this until his early twenties. The world of photography opened up for him when he traveled to Italy where as he says, "Everything is so beautiful you don’t want to leave." Bernauer was born and raised in Seattle and as a child he grew to appreciate all things beautiful. From attending the ballet to hiking the meadows around Mt. Rainier he was exposed to beauty of all kinds. Daniel soon found that everything is beautiful, even the most ghastly of creations are beautiful when viewed from the proper perspective.

Daniel’s photography reflects that beauty that lies in all things. His subjects range from dark and dirty industrial scenes to fashion models in studio. His body of work being so diverse has one common thread or vision: "All my work is a process of refining and simplifying a subject until you can see it’s natural beauty." Daniel’s love for photography has taken him on a journey to many states and countries capturing images that reflect his vision and style. At present Daniel lives near the beach in Los Angeles, California pursuing fashion photography.
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