Animal Photography by Frans Lanting

Frans Lanting

Frans Lanting, is a Dutch photographer specializing in wildlife photography. Lanting was born in Rotterdam and later emigrated to the United States after being educated in the Netherlands. He now lives in Santa Cruz, California and operates a studio and gallery, as well as a stock photography services. Lanting’s wife Chris Eckstrom is a writer, editor, producer, and works on joint books of nature photography.

Lanting works in many different parts of the world including Amazonia, Africa and Antarctica. His photographs are regularly published in National Geographic, for which he is a photographer-in-residence. He is also featured in Outdoor Photographer, Audubon, and Life. A 2005 exhibit in the Field Museum of Natural History entitled Jungles focused on the plants and animals of the rainforest.
Lanting’s 2006 exhibit, Life: A Journey Through Time, part of the Cabrillo Festival in Santa Cruz, California, combined his photography with the music of Philip Glass. A traveling exhibition, Frans Lanting: LIFE began in fall 2006 at the Dutch natural history museum in Leiden, Netherlands. The show then traveled through Europe and the US.
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