Photography by Logan White

Logan White

Logan White first studied photography at age 13 at Camp Glen Arden in Tuxedo, NC and continued her education after high school at Rhode Island School of Design where she got her Bachelors Degree in photography in 2007 and was selected to attend the European Honors Program in Rome, Italy.

Her work is influenced by the Southern Gothic and mysticism, depicting a supernatural female psyche. White explores a modern interpretation of female hysteria and the surreal and physical repercussions associated with the antiquated diagnosis of sexually depraved women. Influenced by a variety of historical conceptions and projections of female sexuality, White’s work aims to reject enforced restrictions on sexual expression through use of symbolism, spiritualism, and metamorphic means of escape and ascension. Her photos host an unapologetic female that is in constant pursuit of ecstasy- be it divine beauty, liberation, purification, or physical pleasure.
Logan White has exhibited internationally, including shows in New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, London, Dublin, and Sydney.
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