Photography by Olivia Malone

Olivia Malone

Olivia Malone divides her time travelling between Los Angeles and where she lives now in Brooklyn. She has exhibited her photography in group shows in Edinburgh, New York, Los Angeles, and Austin with an upcoming show planned in Beijing, while her editorial work has been featured internationally in Elle, Nylon Mexico, Dossier Journal, Dirty Durty Diary, Foam, Pig and Neon Magazines.

Her personal work explores the narrative potential in the interaction between subjects and their environment. She finds interest in the way our surroundings at any given moment, can affect our identity. Mostly photographing her friends and muses, work, play, travel, sleep and love are all enacted in liminal and unsettled places thick with possibilities for renewal and reinvention. As portraits, the images express something of the transitory nature of contemporary life where the same figure can shift from exuberance in the empty landscape to folded down interiority.
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