Portrait Photography by Julia Trotti

Julia Trotti

Julia Trotti isn’t just a photographer, she is a collector of subconscious memories from the minds of the curious, a daydreamer, a soul with technicolour thoughts. Julia’s passion for photography started at age fifteen with nothing more than a digital SLR and film lens held together with ambition and electric tape. Her eagerness to experiment right from the beginning has allowed her to grow into a whimsical style of capturing sun-kissed shoulders and windswept hair, city lights and dark.

When she’s not creating dreams and capturing her wandering mind, Julia is documenting the people and places she comes across that are lovely and strange and beautiful all in one hurricane mess. In her own words: “Sitting in the sky, breathing sunspots, my photography takes to capturing musicians who I’ve been listening to for years, shooting for magazines and creating pieces of art that light up in the bug-eyes of today’s youth and inspires them to create.”

Her style has led her to shoot book covers for the likes of Christopher Pike and Charles Dickinson, along with regular portfolio work for models and actresses as well as being featured by General Pants Co. Julia’s photography has also taken her to find her residency at Blueprint Studios, where she is the in-house retoucher and assistant photographer.

After studying photography at university, Julia developed a passion to document Sydney’s live music scene. She constantly contributes to FasterLouder and The AU Review, and shoots live gigs of anything between local bands, The Annandale Hotel and the MusicOz Awards, with plans to now move on to international acts and music festivals.

In order to distinguish herself from the rest, Julia Trotti is self represented and will continue managing and furthering her career with ambitions to be commissioned for magazine editorials and someday even her own advertising campaign.

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