Best Color Combinations Interior Design

Continuation of the article about the combination of colors in the design. Bare walls for any designer, as a blank canvas on which he mixes colors, patterns and textures. When the work is completed, we believe that to do so, and only a professional can partly true, but not all that difficult. Knowing the basics of the color palette, you can achieve the desired result.


As you know, mono - a unit. So the identity scheme involves dominance of one color, tone or shade. Depending on your choice of color palette, monochrome scheme can be as very relaxing and very bright, and dramatic. Would you like to add your design energy, use warm colors: red or hue - orange.

Want to give your furniture a fresh, then choose the green and turquoise, and want peace of mind, then you can help: white, gray, cream, beige, and any of their fabulous shades.
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color+interior+design+ideas Best color combinations interior design

color+interior+design Best color combinations interior design

Similar or harmonious

The scheme uses a sequence of colors, located on the color wheel . Mixing them creates a bright and harmonious appearance. Here are a few options:

take the job two colors, such as red and purple, or green and yellow.
use a combination: for example to replace the combination of colors, green and yellow, in a scheme in which there are: yellow - orange, yellow, yellow - green, and green.
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interior+design+color+scheme Best color combinations interior design

interior+design+color+combinations Best color combinations interior design

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From the name it is clear that one of the color complements the other. Choose a color or shade, simply, it is all the same, the color wheel, opposite the main of your choice.

Such a combination of colors in the design, the additional red, green and blue will be. Purple, yellow and green complement.

You can slightly expand the palette, for example add to the bedroom interior , to the yellow and blue, white. This little "quench", calm bright colors.
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Two additional

This technique involves the use of already three Kolerov:

The first step, you choose your main color.
Then, look for the button.
And the final touch - on both sides of the extra, take two colors, just use them as accents to the core.
For example, your favorite color is blue, it will be an additional yellow, the sides of which are orange and green. So for the main will be blue, which will complement the orange and green.
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Three - Triad

The choice of this color combination, can be explained by the language of geometry. The three colors on the wheel, should form an equilateral triangle.
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Best color combinations interior design photo
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Italian Style Bedroom Design

The bedroom is probably the most important place in the house, nook, which never enter strangers, and where you can rest and relax. That is why the interior of the space is always given special attention. Create an atmosphere of warmth, peace and comfort in the bedroom can be, based on the interior of the Italian style. How to do it right, we'll cover in this article.
classic+italian+bedroom+designs Italian style bedroom design

Bedrooms in the Italian style
So, one of the most important rules when creating the Italian interior in the bedroom is to use only  environmentally friendly and natural materials. To achieve this objective is best wood or stone. As for color, it can be any: it limits not at all, everything depends on your preference. The only thing that matters - your feelings and state of mind when you're in the bedroom. The walls can be easily plastered, such as terra cotta, beige or other pastel colors, but you can use textiles, then you will create a strong association with a cozy house in Tuscany.
italian+bedroom+decor Italian style bedroom design

The ceiling can be left just white, but better if you use the edges border with stucco, then you immediately there an association with a rich Italian Renaissance. In general, Italian bedroom can be described as a game on the contrast of textures, a combination of functionality and luxury, which is why the use of plaster and stucco will be a stylish and harmonious r1esheniem.
italian+bed+set+furniture Italian style bedroom design

It is better if the stone floor is decorated with a picture of the mosaic. For those who have no idea of the stone on the floor, there is an alternative - the floor of the wood, the best cherries. Most often, the Italians do not resort to the finish lacquer finish, however, in the modern variation uses a glossy coating.
italian+bedroom+design+ideas Italian style bedroom design

Central to any bedroom, of course, given the bed. It will be a real aesthetic core of the room, so her choice should be paid great attention.
Most often, the Italians prefer the classic version - bed with trim on the headboard, however, is also very often found in bedrooms in Italy wrought-iron furniture. In any case, whatever option you may like it, it is important that they blend with the rest of the decor.
italian+bedroom+decorating+ideas Italian style bedroom design

Particular attention should be paid to textile design of the bed. It can be rustic fabrics that resemble the Italian provinces, in shades of green that make reference to the olive trees and vineyards, or in shades of blue, which are associated with a calm sea surface. Generally, textiles in Italian style plays an important role. It is therefore very important that the bedding was in harmony with the color of curtains, pillows, blankets and other items. It is best if your chosen curtains will be made ​​of velvet highlight, for example, made ​​of linen. Recently there has also been a trend of a sharp transition from a semi-dense tissue, so you may well at the same time easy to hang tulle and heavy curtains, and "play" on the resulting contrast.
italian+bedroom+design+pictures Italian style bedroom design

A very important factor in the Italian style are also other interior decoration, such as lighting fixtures, made in the same style, mirrors, picture frames in forged or dressing table, made of the same wood as the floor, etc.
italian+bedroom+furniture+designs Italian style bedroom design

Finishing touch to the interior of the Italian style are paintings that depict the olive groves, the classic rural Italian landscapes or a basket full of fresh fruit. Interesting will look elegant statuettes in bronze that are placed around the room a bedroom at random.
italian+bedroom+design Italian style bedroom design

If you rely on the advice given in this article, you can create a unique design of her bedroom, which was turned into a cozy corner of the fictional Italy, where you can relax and take a break from the bustle of everyday life.

Bedroom Photos Italian Style Design

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